Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Trials and Tribulations of Mobile Dating Apps


Despite the fact that my main profession revolves around technology I have never been a big tech nerd. While I can navigate through any software, program, application and many games thrown at me, for the most part I’m not really one to ride the wave of modern technology. This has never been so blatantly true as when it comes to cell technology. For YEARS I avoided buying a cell phone and when I finally broke down to purchase one I remember the customer representative behind the counter asking me if I was looking for a phone with more data or more space or specifically for gaming or social media, or how about one with high pixels for crystal clear pictures and other assorted features. When she finally quieted down I distinctly remember looking her in the eye and saying, “I’m looking for a phone that makes phone calls?” I wound up getting a Pay-As-You-Go phone that was smaller than an Altoid tin. And yes, all of my friends and family ridiculed me about it. Nevermind. It made phone calls. That’s all I really cared about.

Monday, June 13, 2016

God Bless America


It’s been a little over 24 hours since the massacre that happened at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL leaving at least 50 dead and 53 injured. The Pulse, if you didn’t know, is a gay night club and I, if you didn’t know, am a gay man who is all over Facebook and Twitter and with the deluge of opinions and conjecture that has flooded every social media outlet, I imagine anything I would say about the shooting would just be a single drop in an ocean of posts, tweets and video blogs. But even still, how can your normal scheduled programming NOT be interrupted at something so horrific. Because I am gay, I do think I have a biased opinion and I take it personally... the same way I took the Dahmer murders or the people getting crushed to death at the now defunct Clique Nightclub personally. I used to frequent those places that Dahmer sought his prey and at the time was the age, financial and race brackets that he was looking for. I used to work as a waiter at the Clique and every night I passed by that locked backdoor that refused to open thus causing  a melee that ended with several people being trampled to death as they tried to leave. I received a buttload of frequent flier miles from my last trip to Chicago and could have used that $40 roundtrip ticket I have coming to celebrate Pride in Orlando, in Pulse. I could have gotten eaten. I could have got trampled. I could have got shot. I know the comedy that exists because of the distance between my life and those actual occurrences... none of that actually happened to me. But my snicker at the thought does have a tinge of discomfort... people did get picked up and eaten at the dirty bookstore I used to frequent, people did get trampled to death at the place I used to work, people did get shot at a club I could have gone to. I don’t think the Grim Reaper is “following” me, but he doesn’t necessarily seem to be the most discerning motherfucker does he.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Penis: A Love Story

So I went to a pool party. A lot of stuff happened. Well not a LOT, I was just on the rag for some strange reason, my emotions were just COMPLETELY out of whack. Kept thinking about the ex-boyfriend.

Let’s back up a little. I wound up meeting up with Abdul at the bathhouse a couple of days earlier. We had already made plans to meet up at the pool party to do some deep hermano y hermano heart space talking, so the bathhouse was something “extra” for me. Especially since the Monday before, an FWB named Darius had come over here and we fucked so much and I came so hard that I think I excreted that LAST strands of black hair that existed in my beard. Besides, they were serving pizza that night.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

The Little M3 Train That Could

For those in the know, I have been associated with a little outfit affectionately known as Male Media Mind for close to two years now and as with most long term relationships I have both loved and despised the project. And for those keeping score, the lineup has definitely changed over the years, the finite details of which will be fully disclosed in my book, “Those Fucked Up Goddamn Bears: Behind The Scenes of Male Media Mind” that will be published posthumously, five years after my death. But for now I can very honestly say that despite a few hiccups with some of the guys, I truly have appreciated each and every contributor that has ever participated with the endeavor. The whole thing, not for nothing, has been one amazing, ongoing and priceless life experience. You want to get to know who you really are and the type of person that you truly present to the world? Try diving head first into a sleuth of bears and see if you can escape with your ego unscathed.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Hunger Games

I’m convinced Kat Von D is my spirit animal. Kat Von D is this tattoo artist based here in L.A. The first time I ever heard of her was when she was in all the tabloids for dating Jesse James… the ex-husband of Oscar Award winning actress Sandra Bullock. I remember because I was under the impression that Jesse James, a notorious man whore who sleeps with as many different women during the course of a day as a baby does taking a shit, slept with her while still being married to Sandra Bullock. Now Sandra Bullock is this very funny, personable, girl next door type with an amiable unaffected beauty. She doesn’t cake on the make-up, no boob job, no bleach bottle dye job, she’s the good girl you’d be lucky to take home. So when the papers started to smear Jesse James’ mug next to this ratchet looking chick covered from head to toe in tattoos I was thinking, what kind of stupid motherfucker does this dude have to be to leave America’s Sweetheart for this pasty faced gutter whore with a tattoo on her forehead? From that moment, looking at her devilish figure from the cover of The Enquirer I made an immediate and deep judgment call about her.